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day three - execution.

SHIP-TRAP day three

33 players remaining

A clock chimes 9 PM, and Ivan turns her attention to the wall where the familiar symbol has been watching them. The eye blinks, then opens wide. It gets larger and larger until it's the size of a tv screen. The features of the eye melt away, and up flashes a list of names and votes. The bricks shift underneath the eye, and she stands to go collect a box that's partially pushed out in their place.

She walks back to the head of the table and sets the box down before she opens it. She pulls out a pistol, a knife, and a hammer, which she sets on the table first, and then two pieces of paper. One piece of paper is labelled Hunted and the other is labelled Hunter in a neat, elegant script. She opens "Hunted" first and reads in a clear voice:

"You have chosen Shijima Kurookano," she pauses, then continues, "They are Zaroff."

The paper labelled "Hunter" is taken next, which she reads in the same way.

"Kouichi Aizawa has been chosen as the Hunter."

She lowers the paper and stares at the person whose name she had just read.

"Choose your weapon and kill them."

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This is a general post-vote mingle covering the execution. Night posts will go up tomorrow morning.
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[ Kouichi isn't laughing, he just frowns with concern, head cocked to the side. He turns to the small cat when she speaks. He doesn't even know what to say. Then he smiles, wanly. Just typical that he would be chosen for hunter for Shijima's death.

Is she... holding his hand? Oh, no, that just makes it too real. And guess what, Shijima? You're getting more than a hand hold. You're getting a hug, whether you like it or not.

Before releasing her from sudden hug, he gives her a peck on the top of the head. ]
Have a peaceful rest, cat.

[ deep pause ] I'm sure it's obvious that I have no plans to kill you, unless you for some reason really want me to. [ so basically fun combo execution is probably coming their way. ]
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Hmm. [ He tilts his head to the side, as if he's actually thinking about it. Or maybe he's thinking about what would happen if he tried to kill Ivan quickly right this second. ]

Yes, I refuse. Shocking, I'm sure.
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[ Shijima looks at the table. It would be entirely too easy, because Kouichi wouldn't even lift a hand to stop her, and she knows it. He would allow her to kill him, and she could do whatever she pleased for the night.

She then looks at their still-clasped hands, and sighs. ]

...Hey, bird, haven't I told you time and time again that you're far too trusting? You're such an idiot...I'd ask you what you would do if I were to accept her little offer right there, but'd just let me kill you. Just like you lied for me without even knowing what was going on, without even considering it...

[ She already knew how it would end from the time they were both called. ]

Of course I won't be killing this idiot either. We'll do this one last thing together.
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I doubt such a thing will ever happen.

[ She laughs, unoffended. ]
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[ He knew she wouldn't. She's all hiss and no scratch... half of the time, anyway. ]

Hey, I might have fought back. [ no he wouldn't have ]

It seems only right, since we've done most things together for several centuries.
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[ She just squeezes his hand, not saying another word.

And then, well. They die. ]
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[ proceeds to be dead ]